A. Health Safety and Environment

Health & Safety and Environment Overview

Kematch is committed to take all practicable action to ensure that all employees are provided with a safe and healthy place in which to work and to maintain standards throughout its operations. At a project level, this is achieved by the implementation of a Project Management Plan, incorporating a Project Site Safety Plan (PSSP) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP), which incorporates the specific requirements of a project, so that all practical measures are taken to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all site personnel. These plans are drawn up immediately when we are notified as the preferred bidder. The PSSP and EMP are live documents and are constantly updated during the course of a project.

Internal audits are regularly conducted by the HS&E Auditor (independent) and the Systems Administrator to verify project compliance with the Kematch’ Management Systems accreditation. Kematch undergo several external surveillance audits each year (by Master Builder’s Association) in order to maintain such level of safety.

Kematch aims to minimise the environmental impact of their activities and has a written Environmental Management Policy to address this. Furthermore, Kematch is working towards obtaining ISO 14001 accreditation in near future. This policy outlines the different steps to be taken in the event of specific environmental situations arising at Kematch’ offices or sites.

B. Quality Assurance

Kematch is committed to providing high quality services in the building industry that exceed client’s expectations.

Kematch’ professional obligation is providing services and products that:-

  • Are in accordance with agreed client specification.
  • Adopt a systematic approach to quality control.
  • Effective training of personnel giving them the skills and responsibilities to ensure compliance with quality control on this project.

Kematch implement quality management systems complying with ISO 9001/9002 on all projects and working towards obtaining accreditation in near future.

Kematch recognises that the client has the right to:

  • Determine what you require with regard to both physical standards and the delivery of a project.
  • Specify the criteria for these requirements.
  • Expect a continuously improving service.

Inspection and Test Plans

Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) and the associated checklists are a critical tool for ensuring that a quality product is provided to the Client at completion. ITPs implemented on the project will be specifically written to reflect the requirements of the Specification, the Contract and the Client.

C. Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations Strategies

Kematch operates under an employee workplace award to 2020. The company has an excellent reputation of successfully managing industrial relations. This is a direct result of implementing strategies that focus on prevention, with three important elements, in delivering successful industrial relations management on our projects.

  • Vision and culture statement
  • An appropriate strategy for the specific project.
  • The right people.

Kematch’s fundamental approach to Industrial Relations is to ensure relationships are based on understanding, confidence and trust. By maintaining strict adherence to the National Construction and Building Award and the National Code of Practice, Kematch is a sensible and professional contractor able to work with all building industry unions.