1. Company Details

Kematch Pty Ltd is a privately owned construction company with 80 years of combined practical experience. We pride ourselves in being resourced and experienced to deliver safely, on time, on budget, high quality projects that are hassle free.

When you engage Kematch, you get Builders and not Businessmen.

Kematch currently specializes in and focuses on projects ranging from $100,000 to $5,300,000 in contract value.

2. Financial Capacity

Kematch currently has access to Bank Guarantee facilities with the Commonwealth Bank, demonstrating the financial capacity, cash flow requirements and security required by our clients and contracts.

3. Depth of Experience

Kematch has a strong track record in the public building sector as trade contractor with more than hundred major projects completed for government clients.

Our application is currently under review for pre-qualification with the Department of Infrastructure for commercial buildings and refurbishment works.

Our project teams are highly experienced in the construction of all types of construction projects.

With practical experience of 80 years making us the building contractor you are looking for to complete your project on time, on budget and hassle free.

4. Professional Team

Our teams are headed up by a professional Project Manager, Contract Administrators and Project Coordinators. Kematch is supported by an experienced team of sub- contractors lead by a highly experienced management team for each project.

5. Excellent Industrial Record

We have an excellent industrial record with no disputation or safety related matters. Kematch’ proactive attitude is a direct result of the highly experienced personnel and a working relationship with authorities and unions.

6. Occupational Health and Safety, Quality & Environmental Management

Project specific Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environment Management Plans are implemented to Australian and International standards on all projects. All systems form an Integrated Management System known as IMS. Kematch is working towards obtaining accreditation with ISO 9001/9002 and ISO 14001.

7. Value, Pride and Guarantee

Kematch is a construction company that takes extreme pride in its work. We guarantee: –

  • Programmed delivery dates.
  • Achieve quoted costs to complete the specified work.
  • Provide a quality product as specified.
  • Communicate effectively and regularly.
  • Keep lines of communication open.